Vertical Love Ministries
Providing support and resources to children, teens and young adults to produce social and educational change for the cause of Christ.

A little bit about how we began...

Vertical Love Ministries began in 2011 when I (Stephanie) was serving at Corona Life Services as a client advocate. Corona Life Services serves young women in our community who are often times faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  When confronted with the possibilty of pregnancy, girls are suddenly at a crossroads in their lives that they are rarely equipped to deal with. At Corona Life Services, the volunteers and staff are there to guide these girls through the initial decision making process as well as to support them throughout their pregnancy. 

As I served at CLS I became very disheartened seeing how many young women were completely uneducated about their sexuality, their bodies and the emotional, physical and spiritual consequences of their sexual choices.  I believed we should be able to do more for young women then just be there for them after they were being impacted by an unplanned pregnancy. It was then that I began talking to Corona Life Services about educating young women in this area. Through their support and the clear vision the Lord gave me, Vertical Love Ministries began!

It has now been over 5 years and we have grown into our own 501c3,  reached many girls and their moms in our local community as well as surrounding counties and states and most recently, Kenya!   We  have many wonderful women that serve with us and share in the passion to educate young ladies and help them to make healthy relationship and lifestyle choices.

Vertical Love Ministry   ~   387 Magnolia Ave. Ste. 103-235, Corona, CA 92879   ~   714-749-0421